Give via TEXT to 917-905-7436
  1. Type Amount You want to give. For Example to give $50 enter: GIVE 50 then Send the Text
  2. You'll receive a text with instructions and a link to setup your payment method, Click on Link
  3. Enter your Name and Email, Click on button that corresponds to your giving method (either Credit Card or Bank Account)
  4. Enter Your Card or Bank Information and Click on Enable and Give
  5. You're Done! You'll receive a text thanking you for your gift

*For all future giving via Text all you need to do is text # above and enter: GIVE (enter amount) and Send the Text
*For a list of ministries that you can give to, enter: GIVE LIST (enter amount) and Send the Text, you'll receive a text back to you with the list and instructions on how to give.
*There are no phone charges for using Text to Give.

Giving Opportunities